Why sail with First Offshore?

Adventure Sailing and Racing in the English Channel and Scotland

You always promised yourself – one day I will do more adventure sailing, sail offshore and explore some amazing places by yacht – wouldn’t it be great to sail in Scotland’s West Coast…

We exist to enable keen weekend sailors to get offshore, we run adventiurous sailing events and offshore racing in the UK, Caribbean and (when we are allowed again) the Mediterranean.

You will be completely involved in the running of the boat; if nav and tactics are your thing, we will work together – if it’s sail trim or helming, we will show you how to get the best out of our fully optimised race yacht.  We build a tightly knit crew. 

Our aim?  To sail well, and to have massive fun whilst we do!


Experience adventure

Sailing offshore down the English Channel to the Scilly Isles before exploring remote anchorages and fantastic local restaurants must be one of the most inspiring experiences on the water.  Join our crew and experience it for yourself!

adventure sail july 2021

milebuilder solent to scotland

Join us for a real sailing adventure! We are sailing from the Solent down the English Channel, around Lands End and passing the Isles of Scilly and up the Irish Sea to the Clyde. Log more than 600nm and plenty of night hours with our fun crew!

Join Our Crew


It’s time to take your sailing to the next level – gain the skills and experience you need to venture out past the standard sailing grounds..

Mile Building

Each of our sailing adventures have plenty of sailing, but when you want to experience a longer passage, supported by experienced crew, this is the oner for you!


When you sail into a new port, you discover a different side to everything. It’s a magical experience, setting foot on land from your yacht to explore.